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Dublin Tomiki Aikido logoDublin Tomiki Aikido (DTA)

Founded in 2013 by Keith McClean 4th Dan, DTA is Ireland's youngest Tomiki Aikido martial art and Sport Aikido club and is the home dojo to the Irish Junior National and Senior National competitive teams. 

Dublin Tomiki Aikido is affiliated to the British Aikido Association (BAA) recognised by the Japanese Aikido Association (JAA) and is a registered member of the Irish Martial Arts Comission (IMAC).

A Great Training Space 

We lay a 100 tatami area on the sprung wooden floor in the centre of the main sports hall for regular weekly training so there is plenty of space for all members to practice in comfort and safety. The matted area can be extended by another 50 - 100 tatami to accomodate visitors during seminars or grading events.
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