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Junior & Youth Aikido

Aikido for Children

The martial art of Aikido is a particularly good activity for children whether they are into sport or not . Regular training will help develop life skills such as awareness, physical coordination, balance, focus, confidence and co-operation within a calm, safe and controlled environment.


Juniors (5-10yrs)



5:00-6:00 pm (Main Hall)

10:00-11:00 am (Studio)



Youths (10-16yrs)



6:00-7:00 pm (Main Hall)

6:00-7:00 pm (Main Hall)


A key difference of Aikido from other martial arts is that it is mostly defensive. Your child can therefore learn how to be more aware, effective and safe in potentially hostile situations without having to resort to violence as a reaction.

Children mimic what they learn. If you teach your child solely how to punch and kick, he or she will want to punch and kick. If you teach your child how to be more aware, relaxed and confident in a difficult encounter, fear and animosity become less important and less automatic in the moment. Clear thinking and instinctive, precise action replace violence as a response. This is the kind of martial art training on the Aikido mat that becomes a good methodology for dealing with life’s problems that your child will face as he or she grows up.

Much of Aikido martial art training takes place with a partner. This helps a child learn how to interact with others and build social skills; a valuable lesson for life. Aikido classes are taught in a safe controlled environment with well thought out training methods. The classes are comprised of warm-up exercises, basic movements that form the building blocks of Aikido, more advanced techniques, and some playful exercises/games meant to enrich the life skills already beginning to develop.

As a registered IMAC (Irish Martial Arts Commission) member, DTA takes compliance in respect to Child Protection seriously. All Instructors and Coaches in the children's classes have completed training in Child Protection in Sport and are Garda vetted. Numbers attending each class are restricted for safetly to no more than sixteen at a time.


How much are Childrens Aikido Martial Art classes at DTA?

€50 per month  

Your childs first class is FREE.  After that, fees are paid for monthly in advance. Classes are 1 hour in length, twice per week and represent very good value (approx €6 per class).  No discount is available for students who can only attend one class per week.  Regular attendance twice per week is required to allow students to absorb, maintain and develop the skills of Aikido.  

NOTE: Guardians/Parents are required to complete a registration form before their child will be allowed onto the mat.


For the first month, your child will covered by the club's general insurance. Individual Membership of the BAA is required for Insurance cover thereafter. (£20 per annum paid directly to the BAA).


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Monthly Subs Payment 

It's important to take into account that our club is run by volunteers during their personal time, on a totally not-for-profit basis. Your childs subs go towards the expense of running the club; i.e. hall rental, Instructor Insurance, IMAC compliance and equipment purchase (mats) and maintenance. Your childs first months subs can be paid in cash, however, therafter monthly subs are to be to be paid by bank tranfser or standing order directly to the club bank account on the 1st of the Month.

We really appreciate your consideration in this matter as it helps greatly to reduce admin overhead and keep the club running smoothly.

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