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4th British Open Championships 2018

With the next WSAF World Championships coming down the tracks fast, in July 2019, the 4th British Open Championships held in London this November held great significance to all UK players eyeing and training for a place on the BAA and SAUK UK National squads/teams so there was a great turn-out with a wealth of experienced competitors including current and and former World Champions in attendance.

As DTA has club members travelling to San Diego next year, every opportunity to compete and get honest feedback from high calibre events is crucial to our preparations.  Team DTA put in a solid performance and it is a testament to our training program and senior coaches that we were able to medal in many of the key events at this meet.

4th UK Open Championships 2018 - team DTA
Team DTA: Jer, Ross, Pam, Eoghan, Emma, Keith

As always, hard work brings it's rewards and it was a proud moment at the end of the day to hear "From Dublin, Ireland; DTA" being called out at the award giving ceremony. Whether we medalled or not, valuable experience was gained, important feedback received. Armed with this  knowledge (and with many videos of the top performers to analyse) we know what we need to work on to move our performances up to the next level in prep for the Worlds in 2019.

When team DTA travels to these events, we are aware that we are ambassadors for Tomiki Aikido in Ireland, and with every trip we form new friendships, strengthen established relationships and through our love for the Art and Sport, our competitive spirit and genuine comradeship we always enjoy a great welcome. 

Vanda Fairchild sensei aikido instructor in dublin
Special Thanks:

One of the constants of the Senior UK Competitive scene is the very popular Vanda Fairchild, (BAA/SAF) who pulls these events together. As competitors we just turn-up on the day and all is organised, Venue, Referees, formats, rules, timetables, schedules and much more. Unless you have had the responsibility, you will never know the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. Vanda we appreciate you.!



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