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DTA Members Code Of Conduct

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Martial Arts training should be enjoyable for everyone (adults and children). To ensure we all have a good time and train in a safe way we have some basic rules for our Dojo:

Code of Conduct for Class

1: Students should arrive 10 minutes before the start of class. If you are unavoidably late, kneel in seiza on the edge of the mat. Perform two slow bows and await invitation to join the class.

2. Repeated late attendance will result in not being allowed join the class.

3. If unable to make a training session you must let one of the instructors know.

4. All student must show proper respect to instructors and fellow students.

5. There will be no talking during instruction periods. If this is a repeated offense it may result in the student being asked to leave the dojo for the remainder of the class.

6. If you have a question please raise your hand

7. Follow instructions quickly and respectfully

8. Instructors are to be addressed with their appropriate title

9. You may not leave the mat at any point during training without permission of the instructor. You must Rei when leaving the mat and Rei once again coming back on.

10. You may not lean against walls at any point during class. Sit in seiza during instruction periods or if for any medical reason you may need to stand inform the instructor on the mat.

11. No swearing.

12. All jewellery and make-up will be removed before getting onto the mats.

13. Hair will be neat and tidy, if long will be tied up and out of the way.

14. Fingernails & toenails will be kept clean and short.

15. You will respect your uniform. It will be clean and presentable for class. Must be clean and pressed. If you do not have your complete uniform - including your belt - you will not be permitted to take part in training.

16. Please bring drinking water to training. No sports, fizzy sugary or fruit drinks allowed in the dojo.

Competition Code of Conduct

Respect for Opponents and Referees

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