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Developing Coaching Skills

BAA Coaching level 1 course Dublin

Our new bank holiday weekend (Jan 27th, 28th & 29th) saw a very important visitor to Dublin Tomiki Aikido,  Bob Jones sensei, 8th Dan and CEO of the British Aikido Association (BAA)BAA logo

Bob sensei was over to Dublin to deliver the BAA Coach Level 1 course to a number of our aspiring youth coaches/instructors. 

There is a lot more to good coaching outside of being technically competant in your martial art. This course covered a lot of coaching theory but also included practical exercises in the classroom as well as evaluation of candidates in simulated teaching assignments over the week-end. 

BAA Coaching Level 1 Instructors Dublin Tomiki aikido

And of course some Aikido!

Those that know Bob sensei also know that he enjoys teaching Aikido and the opportunity was not to be missed having Bob teach our Senior, Youth and Junior classes over the weekend providing key insights into the core principles of good Aikido as well as some fun and games. 
Thank you Bob!

Bob Jones 8th Dan teaching Junior Aikido Class Dublin

Bob Jones 8th Dan teaching Aikido Youth Class Dublin

Bob Jones 8th Dan BAA with Junior class Dublin Tomiki aikido


Update - March 1 2023

We received by post today six new Level 1 Coaching Certificates from the BAA. 

our newly minted Aikido Coaches Dublin

Congratulations to our candidates; Darragh, Emma, Mallaidh, Catherine, Emer and Ross. We all look forward to seeing them develop their coaching skills over the months and years ahead.

martial arts classes Aikido Dublin

martial arts Dublin Aikido