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Tsuchiya Satoru 7th Dan Seminar

Tsuchiya Satoru Aikido Seminar Dartford 2023 Dublin Aikido
Jer, Micheal, Tsushiya sensei, Pam & Keith

Over the week-end members of DTA senior coaching team travelled to Dartford to receive instruction from Tsuchiya Satoru sensei (7th dan).  

Tsuchiya sensei is one of the top Japanese Shodokan Aikido instructors and is Chief instructor of Shodokan Aikido France. Tsuchiya sensei is in much demand for his teaching ability, his level of skill, and is reknowned for his direct and powerful application. 

uke: Micheal Eastwood

This event, organised by City of London Shodokan Aikido Club, saw many representatives attending from Shodokan Aikido clubs in France, Spain, Belfast, Scotland as well as England.

Tsuchiya Satoru Aikido Seminar Dartford 2023

It's hugely important for the development of any club that it's coaches invest time to progress their own knowledge and skills and seek out coaching from recognised top-level instructors to update their own skills and bring back new knowedge for the benefit of all. In addition, travelling to seminars provides great opportunity to train with other practitioners / players, ascess your own progression, build friendships, and develop relationships within the wider International Shodokan Aikido community.

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