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Atemi Waza - 当身技

The Atemi Waza is a set of five techniques that are classified as striking techniques.

shomenate - front attack1.Shomen Ate 
     Strike from the Front 


Aigamae ate

2.Aigamae Ate 
    Strike from Same Posture


Gyakugamate3.Gyakugamae Ate 
    Strike from Reverse Posture


Gedanate4.Gedan Ate 
Strike from Low Level


ushiroate5.Ushiro Ate 
Strike from Behind



here is a JAA reference video of the Atemi Waza performed by Junji Konaka

取:小中淳二, 受:中村俊介, 監修:佐藤忠之
Tori:Junji Konaka, Uke:Shunsuke Nakamura, Supervised by Tadayuki Sato
Produced by JAA, Educational Div., Committee on Instruction

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