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BAA Junior Open Championships 2018

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460 miles traveled .....  12 brave and excited competitors, across 4 age ranges led by their new Captain (Darragh the Destroyer) and supported by coaches and parents, travelled to Leeds to compete in the BAA Junior National Championships (11th March).

After a tough day of competing across the many different events running across three matted arenas, the DTA junior Sports Aikido team brought home a total of thirty four medals!  (10 gold, 14 silver and 10 bronze).  Added to that, a best individual award and another; a special award for determination to compete was won.

Above all, our young members had an exciting day of competition, playing against some of the very best UK Sports Aikido teams. All without exception conducted themselves to the highest standards; winning many new friends and praise for their competitive spirit, good nature and behaviour on and off the mat.

It goes without saying that without the support, dedication and assistance of DTA parents and guardians that we would not be the club that we currently are.

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