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55th BAA Aikido National Championship 2023

UK Senior & Junior National Championships - Bradford
The 2023 Senior, Cadets & Junior National Championships were held at the Sedbergh Sports and Leisure Centre, Cleckheaton Road, Bradford.

Dublin Tomiki Aikido Competitive Team Shines at the 55th BAA Aikido National Championships

In a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, the DTA team left a lasting impression at the UK National Aikido Championships in Bradford this past weekend. The team's impressive performance demonstrated not only their commitment to Sport Aikido but also their ability to compete on a national stage.

Sport Aikido is an import aspect of syllabus in the Japanese martial art of Tomiki/Shodokan Aikido that includes competitive embu as well as shiai (competitive randori), emphasizing harmony, blending, and redirection to execute throws and joint locks under pressure. The DTA Team showcased their dedication and skill throughout the tournament.

The competition featured Aikido teams and players from clubs all over the United Kingdom, including Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club,  Edinburgh Aikido Club, Heriot-Watt University, Leeds Central Aikido, Leeds Shodokan Aikido Club, Renshinkan Aikido Club (Manchester), Scott Hall Aikido Club, Sheffield Shodokan Aikido Club and Yon Ju Hachi (Harrogate, Garforth and Whetherby clubs), making it a challenging and diverse arena for our Dublin based team.  For many of our Junior & Youth players it was their first competition and they performed very well gaining valuable experience. Some events did not go our way but lots of positives were in evidence to build on for the European Aikido Championships next July.

One of our most notable achievements at this event was in the female Randori category. A note of interest is that our Pam sensei was Tanto Randori Randiru Champion in 2022 and has now coached the 2023 Tanto Randori champion (Emma Lawlor - 1st Dan) to success. Randori is a challenging aspect of Sport Aikido that involves one-to-one combat defending against a tanto. DTA's female players showcased their determination and skill, earning many accolades for their performance and determination.

The team's success extended beyond Randori though, with our players securing medals in other categories, such as Open-kata, Randori-No-Kata, Kakarigeiko and Ninin-dori, impressing judges and spectators alike. Our player's technical precision, composure, and energy demonstrated a high skill level and strong competitve spirit.

The success of the DTA Team at the 55th BAA National Championships is a testament to each players commitment to training, parent/guardian support, dedicated coaching and the unwavering DTA competitive ethos. 

Speaking to DTA team captain, Darragh Conroy, he expressed his pride in DTA's achievements.

"This championship has been a testament of our players hard work and dedication," he said. "We have not only showcased technical skills but also the spirit of Aikido, which is rooted in unity and respect. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to compete in the BAA National Aikido Championships this year and it is participation at UK National and International competitions which will help us grow as players."

The DTA Team's performance at the 50th BAA National Aikido Championships is not only a testament to skill and dedication but also a reminder of the power of the martial art of Aikido and Sport Aikido in promoting respect for others, self-discipline, harmony, and unity. Their achievements are an inspiration to all our club members who could not make it to competition this time and a source of pride for our local community in Tallaght, Dublin as well as the Sport Aikido community in Ireland. 

Dublin Tomiki Aikido Club Competition Team October 2023
Team DTA - October 21st, 2023 -  BAA National Aikido Championships

DTA finished 3rd place overall as a club and bringing home a medal tally of 
8 Gold, 15 Silver and 7 Bronze

Thank You, Parents/Guardians

It's an exciting event for all players but we could never contemplate competing at these events with our junior and youth members without the full commitment and support of our dedicated parents and guardians willing to give up their time for all the reguilar training, for travelling with and supporting their young players.  It's no small commitment and it contributes enormously to the development of our club and all it's members enjoyment and progression.

DTA Supporters Club October 2023 - Aikido Dublin

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