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BAA Squad Training coming to Dublin !

Sport Aikido Ireland - Martial Arts Competition DublinIt's a great acknowledgment and testament to the leadership and commitment of Keith & Pam over the past number of years to the development of Sport Aikido that the BAA (British Aikido Association) has added a "Dublin" BAA Squad session to their official 2019 team training calendar. 

The Dublin BAA Squad training session will be held in the main sports hall in Belgard Community Centre on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019. 

The Squad training will start at 10:00am and run until 4:30pm with a 20-minute break at 1:00pm It is open to all adult and cadet BAA members, 2nd kyu (Blue belt) and above interested in competing in Randori and Embu at National, European or World level. Even if you are not interested in competition, there is much to be gained by attending so that you can learn how to perform high-level Kakarigeiko and Hikitategeiko.  (Kakarigeiko and Hikitategeiko performance now accounts for 50% of points for all grades)

This is an unmissable opportunity to practice with some of the world's most decorated sport aikido players and experience a high level of competition preparation.


laura beardsmore - BAA Squad Manager

Message from Laura Beardsmore - BAA Squad Manager (Joint)

"We are excited to announce that the BAA will be hosting its first squad session in Dublin!

This is exciting as the Dublin club who are affiliated to the team have been hugely involved in the growth of the Junior and Senior WSAF events and so it will be exciting to allow some of the up and coming Irish stars the chance to train with the best in the world! 

 So prepare early as this is an official session that counts towards squad and team selection for the San Diego WSAF World championships 2019"


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