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Sun 17 Nov

2019 British Open Aikido Championships

EIS, Coleridge Road, Sheffiels, S9 5DA

5th British Open Championships

Date: 17/11/2019
Time: 10:00  - 17:00 
Registration from 09.00 am - 9.30 am. Events will begin promptly at 09:45 

English Institute of Sport (EIS), Coleridge Road, Sheffiels, S9 5DA

Entry Fee:   £25.00 per person (over 19yrs). £30.00 non BAA
                    £12 (under 19yrs and Full time Students), non-BAA £14.50


Embu events:

Competitors: 14 years and over
Competitors can enter up to two of the three eligable embu events

  • Junanahon (1-17)                                Kyu Grades
  • Tanto Junanahon                                1st kyu and Dan grades
  • Goshin No Kata (1-16)                        Any Grade
  • Open Kata (unarmed)                         Any Grade


Randori events:

Competitors: 18 years and over:

  • Women’s individual Tanto Randori                1st Kyu and above
  • Women’s individual Kyu Tanto Randori         1st Kyu and below
  • Men’s individual Tanto Randori                      1st Kyu and above
  • Men’s individual Kyu Tanto Randori               1st Kyu and below
  • Team Tanto Randori (2 x men, 1 x woman)  Any Grade

Competitors: 19 years and UNDER: 

  • Cadet Tanto Randori Male - Invitation Only event* (age 16-19)
  • Cadet Tanto Randori Female - Invitation Only event* (age 16-19)
    (Cadet Randori Open to players who have competed at previous international cadet randori events)

  • Tanto Tai sabaki (14-17 years only: male and female) Any Grade
    (cadet randori players cannot enter this event)

More information - competition rules, regulations and entry forms can be found at www.aikido-baa.org.uk and www.shodokan.org.uk or contact Competition Coordinator (see below)

All competitors must hold a current BAB, BAA or SAUK licence and bring it to registration on the day, showing proof of association membership and valid insurance.

Entry fees payable at registration on the day

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