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DTA Child Protection Policy

Children's officer Martial Arts Classes DublinJer Ryan - 0868177167

Club Children's Officer (CCO) 
Designated Liason Person (DLP)

Garda vetted and registered with IMAC as our Children's Officer & DLP. 
Jer is also a parent to two of our young members. 
Email: mailbox+cco@tomikiaikido.ie  


Dublin Tomiki Aikido martial arts club operates in accordance with the principles set out in the Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children's Sport published by the Irish Sports Council.

This page sets out the key points by which our club applies the Code of Ethics:

Transport, Events and changing rooms
1. Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from events and club training
locations. The club does not partake in organising lifts.
2. Parents are requested to pick children up from the dojo, not from the car park.
3. Children should arrive and leave training and events in their karate suit. If a child has to get
changed at an event changing room then the parents should be present with them in the dressing
room or arrange for a guardian to escort them
4. If child members must travel to an event away from the club (e.g. special training courses,
grading examinations or competitions) then all transport and accommodation must be arranged
by the parent / guardian. Instructors and club adult members do not provide supervision for such

Physical contact:
1. Unnecessary physical contact with young people should be avoided.
2. Typically the club instructor may need to fix the head, hand and foot position of a student to
assist in their correct position of a technique.
3. Where any form of manual/physical support is required it should be provided openly and with
the consent of the young person. Physical contact can be appropriate so long as it is neither
intrusive nor disturbing and the young person’s consent has been given.

Unnecessarily spending excessive amounts of time alone with young people away from others should be avoided by any adult involved in running the club. Adults should avoid such situations. However if such a situation arises where one child is left alone with them for any reason, the adult should try to move to a location so that are in public view (e.g. in a reception area).

Parents/guardians are welcomed and encouraged to take an active interest in the club. We hope that parents encourage their children to participate fully in class through positive reinforcement of their child’s efforts. We welcome and encourage parents to observe the class at any time but request that they do not interfere or distract the class. Ideally we would like to have at least one parent sit in the hall during class purely to observe the class. This helps to ensure protection for the children and also allows the parent’s to regularly see the child’s  progression in training.

Extract from Code of Ethics Good Practise for Children Sport: “Parents want to be able to celebrate
the achievements of their children when taking part in sporting activities through photographs and
sports organisations will also want to promote their activities to encourage increased participation.
The Irish Sports Council does not advocate the banning of photography but recommends that it is
subject to appropriate and proportionate safeguards being in place to ensure a safe sporting
environment for young people and children”.

Therefore we have the following photography policy for Dublin Tomiki Aikido Club:

1. Photography/video/cameraphones are not allowed at normal weekly club training sessions.
2. Photography/video is allowed at events such as grading, demonstration or competitions or to celebrate achievements by students.
3. Where a parent does not wish their child to be photographed/videoed it is the parent’s responsibility to remain present at the event to supervise their child.
4. Photos on the official club website (tomikiaikido.ie), the club's  facebook page
(https://www.facebook.com/dublintomikiaikido/) should not associate children’s names with photos and vice versa.
5. External events, competitions and public events are outside the control of the club and parents should investigate and be aware if there is a photography policy in use at the event and satisfy themselves that all is in order for their child to attend.

Communication by Phone/Messaging or other
1. Parent/Guardian contact phone numbers should only be held by the club officers and those directly involved in running the club or an event.
2. Group text (WhatsApp) and Group facebook messaging is the preferred form of communication to members.
3. General updates may be posted on our public club facebook pages for convenience, however a private Club facebook page for parents to intercommunicate with the club and each other at critical times is preffered. Caution is advised in regard to any communication using social media such that no children are identified or referenced directly.

Club Children’s Officer and Designated Person-
1. All adults involved in running the club are required to undergo Garda Vetting.
2. It is desirable that a club has at least one Club Children’s Officer. This should typically be an
adult club member or a parent of a club member.
3. In the absence of an adult member or parent volunteer a Club Instructor will act as the Club’s
Children’s Officer.
4. All members and parents should be notified who the Clubs Children’s officer is and that they may
approach the Children’s Officer with any questions or concerns they may have.
5. Every club/organisation should also have a Designated Person to be responsible for dealing with
any concerns about the protection of children. The designated person is responsible for reporting
allegations or suspicions of child abuse to Health Services Executive and/or An Garda Siochána.
However, if there is difficulty identifying a separate individual to take this role, The NGB (IMAC) Child Protection officer’s will take on this role. All members and parents should also be notified of the contact details of the clubs Designated Person.

The Full Irish Sports Council Code of Ethics document can be found here:

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