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6th ETAN Open Championships 2018

BAA team Meeting 6th ETAN Open Championships 2018

Closing the circle  

It was a bit of an emotional journey competing at the 6th ETAN Open Championships in Amsterdam last weekend as part of the BAA competitive team. Four years ago, as part of a small unknown team from Ireland (see pic below: Pam, Jer, Eric, Keith) travelled to our very first competition, the 4th ETAN European Championship (2014) in Belgium. It was a journey into the unknown and the start of a huge learning process which opened up a vista of new Aikido relationships and experiences that would directly impact upon our club ethos, our competition syllabus and how we would train over the next four years.

Ireland team ETAN Open championships 2014 - Belgium

But what a journey!.  Over the past four years our club has grown in experience, technical ability and enthuasiasm for competition to a point where DTA club members are now looked upon as candidates to be considered for inclusion in BAA International competitive teams. 

Our three players travelling this time, achieved some personal best performances (at International level) with a couple of 4th place finishes. Moreover our journey is still in it's infancy and we know exactly where and what we need to work on to enable our members to achieve greater success on the International stage.

 Irish players from DTA on the BAA team
Gyakugamate-KEPAM-Tantojunanahon-ETAN KEPAM-tanto-junanhon-ETAN

What is ETAN?

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