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John Gorf Memorial Seminar 2023

John Gorf Memorial Seminar Brighton 2023 Tsuchiya Satoru Aikido

A great weekend of top level instruction was had on 23rd and 24th September under the instruction of Tsuchiya Satoru sensei (7th Dan Shodokan & Head of Shodokan France) at the John Gorf Memorial Seminar held in the Sussex Aikido dojo at Falmer University Sports Centre Brighton.

John Gorf Shodokan aikido
John receiving Shodokan Aikido dan grade certificate from Jerome Chin Aleong sensei in 2015


Thanks to Paul Bonnet sensei for organising and inviting us to this special event which also coincided with the 25th anniversary of Sussex Aikido club

Tsuchiya Satoru Aikido Seminar Brighton 2023


Places were restricted at the John Gorf Memorial Seminar, however if there is another opportunity to experience senior level instruction from Tsuchiya sensei, as he is returning to England on 18th November for a one day course at the Dartford Judo Centre, a large permanently matted venue, and a large audience is expected... 

Tsuchiya Satoru 7th Dan Seminar

Enjoyed a large turnout at Dartford Judo Club

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