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Kote /Tekubi Waza - 手首技

The Kote/Tekubi Waza is a set of four techniques that are classified as wrist techniques.


Kote Hineri - 小手捻り: Wrist Twist11. Kote Hineri
      Wrist Twist


Kote Gaeshi - 小手返し: Wrist Reversal12. Kote Gaeshi
     Wrist Reversal


Tenkai Kote Hineri - 転回小手捻り: Rotating Wrist Twist13. Tenkai Kote Hineri
       Rotating Wrist Twist


Shiho Nage/Tenkai Kote Gaeshi - 四方投げ: Rotating Wrist Reversal14. Tenkai Kote Gaeshi  (Shiho Nage)
        転回小手返し     ( 四方
投げ )                                      
       Rotating Wrist Reversal (Four way throw)


here is a good JAA reference video of the Kote Waza performed by Junji Konaka

取:小中淳二, 受:中村俊介, 監修:佐藤忠之
Tori:Junji Konaka, Uke:Shunsuke Nakamura, Supervised by Tadayuki Sato
Produced by JAA, Educational Div., Committee on Instruction

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