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Randori No Kata No Ura Waza

This kata comprises of ten basic methods to counter ten Randori no Kata techniques. Both partners meet handblade-to-handblade; Uke then performs the Randori-no-Kata techniques as listed in sequence and Tori demonstrates the designated counter technique.

Tori Notes: The sucess or effectiveness of each counter is dependent upon Tori's understanding of when to apply a counter technique (timing). Some counter techniques are taken almost on initial contact, while others are delayed until the opportune moment for application within the attack. 

Uke Notes: Uke is expected to provide an honest attack. i.e Uke is required to attempt the Randori-no-Kata with full application and not to stall at any point. This allows Tori to learn proper timing and discover at what point to take each counter effectively.

randori no kata no ura waza counter techniques
#       ATTACK (RNK#)              COUNTER  (RNK#)

1.      Shomen-ate (1)               Waki-gatame (10)
2.     Aigamae-ate  (2)              Oshi-taoshi (6)
3.     Gyakugamae-ate (3)       Gedan-ate (4)
4.     Gedan-ate (4)                   Gyakugamae-ate (3)
5.     Ushiro-ate (5)                   Tenkai-kote-hineri (13)

6.     Oshi-taoshi  (6)                Oshi-taoshi (6)
7.     Hiki-taoshi    (8)               Tenkai-kote-hineri (13)
8.     Kote-gaeshi  (12)             Kote-gaeshi (12)
9.     Tenkai-kote-hineri (13)   Waki-gatame (10)
10.   Shiho-nage  (14)             Shiho-nage (14)


 reference video of the Atemi Waza Section (1 - 5)

 reference video of the Hiji/Kote Waza Section (6 - 10)

取:小中淳二, 受:中村俊介, 監修:佐藤忠之
Tori:Junji Konaka, Uke:Shunsuke Nakamura, Supervised by Tadayuki Sato
Produced by JAA, Educational Div., Committee on Instruction


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