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Rising Dawn 2023 Highlights

Rising Dawn 2023 report

This year the BAA Spring School kicked off with the Rising Dawn 2023 Seminar in Antrim on the 15th & 16th of April. This well attended event was enjoyed by Aikido practitioners from the North of Ireland, the South of Ireland and from England. 

Antrim Forum Leisure Centre


Garrett Baxter sensei (5th Dan BAA)

garrett baxter 5th Dan aikido BAA instructor rising dawn
Garrett Baxter sensei assisted by Bradlee Clarkson (Bradford Tomiki Aikido) - freeplay development instruction

Garrett sensei gave a comprehensive run through of the four sections of the Koryu-Dai-Go over the two days. Garrett also gave valuable instruction on freeplay development methods and concepts for randori practice in the last session of Sunday, with an emphasis of flowing smoothly from one technique to another, follow-up and allowing partners to explore windows of opportunity while playing.

Alan McQuarrie sensei (5th Dan SAF)

Alan McQuarrie  5th Dan SAF Instructor Rising Dawn 2023
Alan McQuarrie sensei assisted by David Carlton (Belfast Shodokan Aikido) - Personal Protection Session Sunday

Alan sensei delivered two hugely engaging sessions on personal protection, focussing on awareness, distancing, personal space, the reality of physical conflict outside of the dojo, with some practical strategies for staying safer in adverse situations. These sessions were hugely insightful and informative and provided a reality check for all of us.

Keith McClean sensei (5th Dan BAA)

Keith McClean 5th Dan - Instructor Rising Dawn 2023
Keith McClean sensei assisted by Darragh Conroy (Dublin Tomiki Aikido)

Sharing valuable insights and personal experience from competing at World, European and UK National level, Keith sensei delivering a valuable session on Embu Development for competitors. Keith sensei also provided very detailed instruction over the two days of the Koryu-Dai-San weapon sections;- Tachi-dori (Section D - Standing Techniques, hand against sword ),  Jo-no-bu Jo-dori (Section E - Standing Techniques, hand against Jo) and Jo-no-bu Jo-no-tsukai-kata (Section F - Standing Techniques, Jo against hand),  which are a requirement for 3rd Dan examination (BAA).

aikido seminars Ireland 2023


Fun & Games

Attendees testing reaction speed at close distance as part of a exercise in the the first half of a very eye-opening and informative personal protection short seminar presented by Alan MacQuarrie 5th dan at Rising Dawn 2023.








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