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Dublin Aikido Uniform

Martial Arts Classes Dublin- What we wear

Tradition within the Shodokan/Tomiki Aikido community at large leans towards the wearing of a white (bleached) judo-style uniform made of 100% cotton or a 40-60% polyester-cotton mix, tied with a belt (obi) denoting rank from 6th kyu up to 1st Dan. 

aikido suit dogi gi uniformMost Shodokan/Tomiki Aikido practitioners opt for either a light or medium weight Judo-gi that have a tightly woven jacket (uwagi) and heavily reinforced pants (zubonwith knee-patches as they withstand grabbing, throwing and kneeling techniques better than a typical karate suit.

Aikido hakama

Due to the nature of competitive randori practice the wearing of hakama in a shodokan/tomiki aikido dojo is rarely seen, however sometimes it is worn for formal demonstrations



Judo suits are sized by the height of the wearer, in centimetres. Judo suits shrink from new after washing (especially those made from 100% cotton) so we recommend buying a suit in the closest size ABOVE your height.  Below is a rough sizing guide:

Height (cms)  Size        Height (ft ins) 

110cms          000          3ft 8ins       
120cms          00            4ft                    
130cms          0              4ft 3ins           
140cms          1              4ft 7ins  
150cms          2              4ft 11ins 
160cms          3              5ft 3ins 
165cms          3.5           5ft 5ins
170cms          4              5ft 7ins
175cms         4.5            5ft 9ins
180cms         5               5ft 11ins
185cms         5.5            6ft 1ins
190cms         6               6ft 3ins
195cms         6.5            6ft 5ins
200cms         7               6ft 7ins
210cms         8               6ft 11ins

Where to buy your first Judo suit for your martial arts classes?

Most high street sports shops in Ireland don't stock martial arts supplies, so choice is very limited. There is a specialist martial arts sports shop in dublin "Mullen Sports" on Capel Street that sells supplies for a lot of different martial arts classes including Judo suits for beginners.

If you can't easily get into the city and are not in a hurry, good value beginner judo suits can be purchased from popular retail websites such as Amazon or Blitzsport. For those who want to save a few €uro it's useful to know that there is an active online trade in second-hand judo suits, especially for children. With this in mind great bargains can be had by looking in place like ADVERTS.IE, DONEDEAL.IE as well as your local Facebook Marketplace/Buy-and-Sell pages. (search using the terms "Judo" or "Judo suit"). 

Tips for buying your first martial arts suit and keeping it in top shape.

  • Buy a good quality white (bleached) cotton lightweight (350gsm) judo-gi if possible 
  • Buy a uniform one size bigger than you need, as it will shrink when washed.
  • Ideally cold wash your suit after every use. (Avoid washing at temperatures above 30C to minimise shrinkage)
  • Don't use conditioners or fabric softners. (These breakdown the cotton fibres and weaken the suit)
  • Every four washes add an oxy-whitener to your detergent.
  • Drip dry where possible. Using a dryer, even at low temperature will cause shrinkage.
  • Always iron your dogi before wearing.


Belts (Obi) 

A new Judo suit will generally come with a white belt included. Hold onto this as you will need it after you sucessfully pass your first grade (6th kyu/white belt) examination. Beginners will be provided with a red belt from our equipment store until passing first grade. 

NOTE: Coloured belts can run and rub off onto a suit during normal wear (if the dye was not fixed correctly or the belt is brand new) . So if dyeing a belt, or if you have a brand new coloured belt it is worth washing it a few times (seperately) to prevent colour leaching into the suit jacket. You don't generally need to wash a belt very often afterwards, unless it becomes very grubby. If you have time, ironing your belt every so often helps to keep it's flat shape, however it is normally sufficient to fold it flat after practice and store it away until the next martial arts class.
Read More about our Belt ranking system

Keiko-gi (稽古着) is the formal Japanese term for the uniform worn in the dojo for martial arts training. The most common term used is do-gi (道着) a generic term that covers any martial art training suit. "Gi" is an abreviation used outside of Japan only. 

The japanese character 着 (chaku/wearing) is meaningless on it's own without something in front or after the "着" term, i.e. aikido-gi (合気道 着) , judo-gi (柔道 着), do-gi (道着) or kimono (着物) )

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