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What Parents are saying...

Agata Dressler - Parent

My 18-year-old son has been with the club for two years now and he has enjoyed every moment of it. Aikido threw him, literally and mentally :) The sensei are the nicest people you could wish for in a sports environment. They're passionate, humble and so enthusiastic about what they are teaching which benefits the students to a great extent. My son joined the group with no martial art experience and has been inspired to work harder with every class and not be concerned with doubts but with the progress and advancement he can achieve. Students are always put first and challenged with a view to making them better. Thank you for all you do because it's beautiful!   :))

Suzanne Keogh Coffey - Parent

We can't recommend this Martial Arts club enough. Our boy joined in February last year and from the moment he walked through the door both us and Jake were made feel very welcome. Jake is a very shy kid and we were hoping this would make him a bit more outgoing and build his confidence. Keith, Pam and Jer are brilliant with the Children and in return they have gained their respect. We were amazed at how helpful and friendly each of the children were to each other. To Jake it's like an extended family with lots of older siblings. Jake loves coming each week and we can see how much more confident he has become in such a short time. 

Ian Curtis -  Parent

My son loves going training and from the beginning was made to feel a part of the club by the instructors and all the other kids. The kids class is the best kids martial arts class I've seen. I can't praise Keith, Pam and Jer enough for being great with the kids. With a constant flow of positive encouragement and instruction the class is both fun while still delivering the fundamentals and intricacies of Aikido. I really would recommend it to anyone interested in Aikido or martial arts classes in Dublin. 

Liam Harris - Parent

Have two sons aged 15 and 7 attending this excellent Sport Aikido / Martial Arts class run brilliantly by Keith with Pam and Jer who are greatly appreciated by all. The class is a great mix of fun and Aikido and the dedication that the senseis give is shown by how successful and ever expanding this group of eager young Aikido players are. They really are Champions but always prove it as well. If you have any kids, you could find no better discipline mixed with great fun and socialising than with Dublin Tomiki Aikido. 

Karen Monks Hynes - Parent / Member

I have a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl attending the Aikido classes. The kids love it and it's the first activity they have both stayed in. The instructors are fantastic people and all the kids love them. It is a great activity to learn discipline, meet new friends and gain confidence. The Aikido classes are very well structured and with frequent one-on-one teaching, the children are interested from start to finish of every class! I would recommend this Aikido class to anyone in Dublin with children or teenagers and even for themselves as adults. Fantastic classes! 

Maggie Eastwood - Parent

I have 3 boys aged 17, 14 and 8, they really enjoy Aikido and are already making brilliant progress. They have made so many new friends and become part of a great competitive Aikido team. They have travelled to Belfast and England regulary for seminars and competitions.... Really recommend sending your children and getting involved yourself.... I too have made new friends and love dropping the boys down... Keith, Pam and Jer always make everyone very welcome, brilliant friendly atmosphere.... Really worth trying it out.... 

Von Ryan - Parent / Member 

I stumbled across Dublin Tomiki Aikido while scouting for a suitable martial arts club for my two girls (5 and 8 at the time). I was happy to learn that all coaches were vetted and had completed child protection training courses. I was able to verify that all instructors were qualified coaches (i.e. held recognised dan grades and completed a formal coaching program for martial arts). In ddirion the instructors were welcoming and friendly. Over the past number of years I have watched the girls confidence grow. As well as having some fun they have absorbed the fundamentals of Tomiki Aikido to a high level, made some new friends and competed internationally with success. Not to be left out, I ended up joining the club myself.


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