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club membership software

Club Members: Use the link below to login to your Subsninja account to see your payments or update your information (credit card, contact details etc)




SubsNinja.com is a club membership management service we use to help us run our club more efficiently.

It's important to take into account that Dublin Tomiki Aikido is run exclusively by volunteers during their personal time on a not-for-profit basis. Your subs go towards the expense of running the club; i.e. Hall Rental, Insurance, IMAC compliance, First Aid Training and equipment purchase (mats) and maintenance. Your first month's subs can be paid in cash, however, thereafter monthly subs must be paid via SUBSNINJA.COM (our Club Managment service). We really appreciate your consideration in this matter as it helps greatly to reduce admin overhead and keep the club running smoothly.

club membership software

allows us to:-

  • Store member details securely in the cloud and access them easily via mobile.
  • Collect monthly subs automatically from members via debit/credit card
  • Record class attendance (take a roll call) easily using our phones
  • Maintain up-to-date member grade records, competition wins and more
  • Provide secure access to members or guardians to view and update their information
For more information about subsninja visit  WWW.SUBSNINJA.COM


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