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5th UK Open Championships 2019

Outside of International Competitions, the UK Open Championships in November is a unique event that sees members/players from both SAF UK (Shodokan Aikido Federation UK) and the BAA (British Aikido Association) come together to compete.

Competition is always the better for having more players on the mats and makes travelling to competition all the more worthwhile. 

This our third time in a row at this event and each year we have made noticeable progress, move up the ranking year on year, with individual medal wins as well as overall team performance. On the day Team DTA put in another solid performance. There was added excitement on this trip as we had four new team members with us, for whom this was their first senior competition. It is a testament to their commitment to training and enthusiasm that they were able to compete successfully, impress and bring further acclaim to our club

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Team DTA: Noel, Keith, Micheal, Mallaidh, Markus, Pam, Eoghan, Jer, Darragh, Ross

As always, hard work brings it's rewards and it is great at the end of the day to hear "From Dublin, DTA" being called out at the award ceremony and our our combined medal wins gave us second place overall as a team on the day. 

Whether we medalled or not, our overriding purpose in attending competition is to gain valuable experience, work on new ideas, and keep the momentum in our skill and art development moving forward.  These events offer the possibility to be seen by experienced high level dan grades, judges, compete with World Champions and receive invaluable guidance and feedback.

When team DTA travels to these events, we are ambassadors for our club and with every trip we form new friendships, strengthen connections and through our love for the Art and Sport, our competitive spirit, sportsmanship and genuine comradeship we always enjoy a great welcome. 

Vanda Fairchild sensei aikido instructor in dublin
Special Thanks:
All the referees, score keepers, and officials led by Vanda Fairchild, (BAA/SAF) who is the BAA Competitions Officer, As competitors we just turn-up on the day and all is organised, Venue, Referees, formats, rules, timetables, schedules and much more. Vanda we appreciate you.!



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