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When and How to buy your child an Aikido/Judo suit

kids martial arts classes childrenA Judo suit is the only equipment a parent needs to buy for a child training in the martial art of Tomiki Aikido.

A single weave Judogi (ju-doh-gee) or Judo suit jacket is made from heavier cotton than that of a standard Karate suit and will survive better the pulling and tugging of some Aikido techniques. Judo trousers also have a second layer of material sewn at the knees, another heavy wear area for Aikido players that is not present on a Karate suit.

Adult Judo trousers are traditionally kept up by a drawstring. however, in children’s suits, most brands have elastic waistbands. If you can, buy a suit with an elastic waistband as it makes it easier for the child to wear and is more practical. 


Judo suits are sized by the height of the wearer, in centimetres. Judo suits shrink slightly from new after washing, so measure your child and buy a suit in the closest size ABOVE the height of your child.  Below is a sizing guide for reference.

Height (cms)  Size        Height (ft ins) 

110cms          000          3ft 8ins       
120cms          00            4ft                    
130cms          0              4ft 3ins           
140cms          1              4ft 7ins  
150cms          2              4ft 11ins 
160cms          3              5ft 3ins 
165cms          3.5           5ft 5ins
170cms          4              5ft 7ins
175cms         4.5            5ft 9ins
180cms         5               5ft 11ins
185cms         5.5            6ft 1ins
190cms         6               6ft 3ins
195cms         6.5            6ft 5ins
200cms         7               6ft 7ins
210cms         8               6ft 11ins

When to buy a training suit?

We don't require students to have a suit until after their first grading, to give them (and parents) a while to see if they like Aikido and want to continue to train. However, after a few classes, if it looks like that they are enjoying themselves, buying their first suit will help them integrate with the class better and feel like they are real "Martial Artists".

Where to buy a Judo/Aikido training suit?

For those who want to save a few €uro it's useful to know that there is an active trade in second-hand judo suits due to the fact that kids often change their mind and also quickly grow out of suits. With this in mind, great bargains can be had by looking online on advert websites like ADVERTS.IE, GUMTREE.IE , DONEDEAL.IE as well as your local Facebook Buy-and-Sell pages. (search using the term "Judo" or "Judo suit").  You will nearly always have a great choice of second user suits at a fraction of retail price. (~ €10)

Decathlon in the UK has set-up an Irish website WWW.DECATHLON.IE (click link) selling suitable beginner suits for only €19 plus €3.90 delivery, when last checked (March 2019). Also, good quality and low-cost judo suits can be purchased online from other well-known websites like AMAZON.CO.UK or BLITZSPORT.COM. However, when you add up the Sterling difference and delivery charge it may well be better to buy locally.

If you are near the city centre you could visit Mullen Sports, Mary Street (Dublin) they stock a range of martial art supplies. (If you tell them Keith sent you will get a small discount  :) 

Looking after a Judo suit

Judo suits should be washed regularly (very).  They can be washed in your washing machine to a maximum temperature of 40C and can be washed cold also. You should hang your child’s Judo suit to air dry. Never machine dry a judo suit because it will shrink badly.  Don't use fabric softener and never bleach a Judo suit, it will weaken the material and shorten its life.  Judo suits should be ironed before wearing to the dojo.


A new Judo suit will generally come with a white belt included. Hold onto this as they may need it after their first grade. Beginners will be provided with a red belt from our equipment store until they have graded.

NOTE: Coloured belts can run and often the colour can rub off onto an Aikido/Judo suit during normal wear (if the dye was not fixed correctly or the belt is brand new). So if dyeing a belt, or if you have a brand new coloured belt it is well worth washing it a few times (separately) before letting your child wear it with their suit to prevent the colour leaching into the suit jacket. You don't generally need to wash a belt very often afterwards unless it becomes very grubby. If you have time, ironing the belt every so often helps to keep its shape, however, it is normally sufficient to fold it flat after practice and store it away until the next class.

How to tie your child's Aikido belt

So that it will stay tied during class

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