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Koryu Dai ichi

Koryu Dai-Ichi demonstrated and annotated by Dr. Lee Ah Loi.

Dr. Lee Ah Loi: 8th Dan Aikido (Japan Aikido Association); 7th Dan Iaido (Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei), 7th Dan Jodo (ZNKR). Lee Ah Loi was a student of Tomiki Kenji and assisted Hideo Ohba in the creation of the Dai Roku kata

Sections – Koryu Dai Ichi kata

First Section – Suwari Waza (Kneeling Techniques)

1. Oshi Taoshi
2. Tentai Oshi Taoshi
3. Tebubi Osae
4. Ryote Mochi Sumi Otoshi
5. Royte Mochi Kokyu Nage

Second Section – Tachi Waza (Standing Techniques)

1. Katate Mochi Oshi Taoshi
2. Tentai Oshi Taoshi
3. Royte Mochi Tentai Kote Hineri
4. Tekubi Gime Oshi Taoshi
5. Ushiro Waza Kote Gaeshi – #1
6. Ushiro Waza Kote Gaeshi – #2
7. Ushiro Waza Mae Otoshi

Third Section – Tachi Waza (Standing Techniques)

1. Kata Mochi Shiho Nage
2. Kata Mochi Hiji Nage
3. Kata Mochi Senkui Nage
4. Kata Mochi Tenkai Shiho Nage
5. Katate Mochi Irim Nage – #1
6. Katate Mochi Irim Nage – #2

Fourth Section – Tachi Waza (Standing Techniques)

1. Ryote Mochi Tenchi Nage
2. Ryote Mochi Tekubi Kime
3. Ryote Mochi Sukashi Nage
4. Ryote Mochi Shiho Nage
5. Ryote Mochi Senkui Nage
6. Ushiro Ryote Mochi Mae Nage

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