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Thinking of taking a Martial Arts Class?

Beginning Aikido as an adultI remember my first Aikido Martial Art class 

- "What are they doing ?"
- "What is he talking about?" 
- "I can't fall like that!",
- "What is the name of that technique again?",
- "That's going to hurt!"
- "Relax? ...unbendable arm?... WTF?"
- "My brain is about to explode!", 
- "I feel like an idiot... but it's amazing".


It's easy to feel discouraged at the start especially as an adult experiencing again that childhood feeling of confusion, inadequacy and physical incompetence.

It's important to know that everybody experiences the very same disorientation and confusion at the start of most martial arts classes but that within a week or two that will pass and your ability will grow quickly.

With regular and persistent practice the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months. That initial confusion is replaced with a slowly growing sense of accomplishment, a feeling of belonging to a new community and a growing excitement for new martial art knowledge.

As the months turn to years you will discover that you are no longer an absolute beginner and you may find yourself to be one of the senior students (senpai) with a growing responsibility to help new beginners with their martial arts training.

You also discover however that you are only scratching the surface and that there are many more challenges stretching ahead.

Unfortunately your internal questions remain mostly the same:

"What is he doing there?" 
"How did she do that?"
"I can't do that, can I?" 
"What is the name of that technique?",
"That's gotta hurt!"
"My brain is about to explode!",
"I feel like an idiot... but it's amazing".


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