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Randori-no-kata (Junana-hon)

The Randori-no-kata  (乱取りの形) is the first kata in the BAA/JAA and SAF syllabi.

The Randori-no-kata demonstrates 17 basic techniques (Ju-nana hon) that illustrate the principles behind the techniques used in Randori (乱取り, free-practice) and allowable in Shiai (Competition). The Randori-no-kata is also used as a tool to teach the fundamental budo principles of avoidance, spacing, breaking-balance, pinning, locking, throwing and ukemi.

The 17 techniques are broken into the four sections as follows

Atemi Waza - 当身技

Striking techniques. (1 - 5)

Hiji Waza - 肘技

Elbow techniques (6 - 10)

Kote /Tekubi Waza - 手首技

Wrist Techniques (11 - 14)

Otoshi / Uki Waza - 浮技

Floating Techniques (15 - 17)

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