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Sport Aikido Ireland (スポーツ 合気道 愛蘭) is a working group / voluntary organisation whose goal is to support the growth and development of all clubs teaching Shodokan / Tomiki styles of Aikido on the island of Ireland who are interested in Competition (Embu & Shiai).




Senior / Cadet Competitions

Competitions are organised by various Aikido association/organisations at National (Club), European, International and World level. Organisations include: British Aikido Association (BAA), Japan Aikido Association (JAA) , Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF), Tomiki Aikido International Network (TAIN), European Tomiki Aikido Network (ETAN) and the World Sport Aikido Federation (WSAF)

Adult Competitions include:- 

  • British Kyu grade Championship
  • British Club Team Championship
  • British Open Championship
  • European Championship (held when there is no International Tournament)
  • International Aikido Tournamen t(every 2 years)
  • World Championship (held every 2 years)


Competition Events

Embu is a formal demonstration of prescribed Aikido Kata (techniques) by two people being observed by a judging panel. There are several categories of embu including: –

 * Randori no Kata / Junanahon (basic 17 techniques)
 * Koryu Dai San / Goshin no kata (first 16 techniques)
 * Open Kata

Ninin Dori is a “free-style” event with three players, each of whom in turn, take the part of the defender demonstrating applications against the other two. Players are assessed on the variation of technique and attack, speed of performance, spatial awareness and general reaction under stress. Attackers offer no resistance to techniques appliaed.

Tanto Randori (Shiai), in this event a player demonstrates their ability to deal with a thrusting attack from a  “Tanto” (knife). Two players are involved, each in turn taking the part of an attacker (Tanto) and a defender (Toshu). The defender scores by the application of an Aikido technique against Tanto. The attacker can score by making a positive strike on the defender’s target area with the tanto and by using a limited number of techniques once grasped. There are bouts for men and women. Neither player is co-operating. 

Toshu randori (Randori Kyogi) Where two players compete against each other, both unarmed in an attempt to skillfully apply Randori techniques.

Kogodantaisen is a seven-person team event. This event is composed of several matches with the characteristic skills from the training system taught by the first president, Kenji Tomiki. The event balances the practice of both Randori and Kata in parallel and includes: -.

* Basic Kata
* Koryu Dai San
* Tanto Avoidance
* Tanto Randori
* Toshu Randori


Junior/Youth Competition

Juniors compete in up to four disciplines from within three age categories (Under 8s, 10s, and 12s). Young Adults compete within two age categories, (14s and 16s).

Junior/Youth Competitions include:- 

  • BAA Junior National Competion
  • Open (Northern) Championship
  • Open (Southern) Championship
  • UK National Championship
  • European Championship
  • World Championship


The junior/youth events include:

  • Embu (kata) usually taken from the basic seventeen techniques of the Tomiki system.
  • Open Kata demanding a higher level of skill with a broader range of technique being performed.
  • Ninin Dori (kakarigeiko) with two attackers (ukes) performing against one (tori). 
  • Tanto Kakarigieko with one attacker defending against another with applied techniques
  • Tanto avoidance (Tai Sabaki) where two opponents take it in turns to use the Tanto in a best of six-strike contest.



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