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Garda Síochána to learn Taiho Jutsu

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Keith McClean 5th Dan
Our own Keith McClean sensei was interviewed recently by RTÉ on the Radio1 Drivetime show about Taiho Jutsu, and its relevance as a training discipline for An Garda Síochána 

What is Taiho Jutsu?
Taiho Jutsu (逮捕術), which means “Arresting Techniques” in Japanese, is a synthesis of different martial arts (Judo, Aikido/Aikijutsu, Wado Ryu (karate), and other arts), specially crafted for the needs of the Japanese police. It is used today by all the law enforcement administration in the Japan (Metropolitan police of Tokyo, Imperial Guard, Military…).


An Garda Síochána to Learn Martial Arts taiho jutsu




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