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Our Childrens Aikido Martial Arts Classes are an after-school activity that is part of an organized national Tomiki Aikido youth development program that young people can take part in outside of the traditional school day.

Our After-School Aikido program takes place in the Belgard Community Centre, Tallaght.

Our childrens classes provide an opportunity for young children from six years to sixteen, to acquire:- better physical awareness, improved concentration, additional confidence and social skills and have some fun through participating in an organized martial art training and sporting activity that is Tomiki Aikido. 

It is our belief that structured after-school programs such as learning a martial art can contribute to improving home and school behaviour, improved homework completion, and higher end-of-year grades. 

Benefits of Aikido / Martial arts as an after-school activity include:

  • Improved fitness (Geting them away from screens)
  • Outlet for buring energy (where they can blow off a bit of steam)
  • Academic growth (helps them focus on tasks)
  • Behavioral growth (discipline is a key part of training)
  • Team bonding (coperative training)
  • Confidence building (learning a new skill)
  • Awareness improvement (physical interaction with their peers)
  • and also provides a unique an personal Interest outside of School



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